Sunday, 15 January 2012

Update on my kids

Since this blog is intended for our families to keep up on what we're doing, here is an update on the kiddos:

Amelia has started pre school and is loving it.  She has blended in very well and has been making lots of new friends.  She also takes dance class and dances her little heart out.  Her imagination is as vibrant as a unicorn saving a princess from the jaws of a dragon and flying over the rainbow to safety.  (Her favorite game.)  She loves to ride her bike (a two wheeler, no training wheels), go swimming, run, jumps, and most of all dance and sing!  She is constantly entertaining us with her performances.

Joel is the jokester of our family.  He is constantly looking for new ways to make us laugh.  This photos is a perfect depiction of just that.  He is growing so quickly and loves everyone!  He is quite the charmer with the ladies and Amelia is his favorite one, well, next to his mommy of course.  He loves to ride his bike, run around wild and crazy, play hide and go seek, pretend to be a dinosaur, and is learning his ABC's as well as to count past 10.  He is always amazing us and a joy to have around.

We feel very lucky to be the parents of these two kiddos.  They keep like exciting and entertaining.

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